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How to Apply for Dubai - UAE Visa online for Kuwait Iqama holders and other GCC residents e - Visa

The immigration authorities in Dubai and UAE stopped issuing visa on arrival at airport for expatriates having Kuwait iqama or other GCC residence permit.

Dubai and UAE opened a e-visa facility for all GCC residents who have all local residency/work permit (Iqama),

The following are the minimum requirements to apply for the visa online for Dubai and UAE (e-visa)

1. GCC residency permit (Iqama).

2. Iqama validity should be more than 3 months from the date of entry to UAE.

3. Passport validy should be more than 6 months.

4. Credit Card to make Online Payment

Total cost of the application for e-visa is AED 230 that will be around 20 Kuwaiti Dinar. Documents required to upload on the General Directorate of  Residency and Foreigner's affairs in Dubai for visit application as follows :

1. Passport Size photo

2. Kuwait Residency Permit (Iqama) or any GCC residency permit

3. Passport Copy (First Page and Last Page)

All the above documents should be scanned in jpg format and the size of each file should not exceed 100kb.

Once you have all the documents ready , You can start applying for Dubai or UAE visa online e-visa as follows.


Please be aware that you initially need to Register a user account, the site will then send you a user activation email, this can take up to 3 hours in some cases. Once your user account is activated you can apply for your GCC visa through it. Visa issuing can take anywhere between 5 hours and 5 days dependent on the applicant - so please make sure that you apply well before your travel dates.

First time applications take longer, however the system retains your information so next time you apply the system already has the information and the application process is fast. It is not easy for someone else to do your application for you as there is personal information that needs to be filled out that is not on your passport.

You do not need a ticket or hotel booking, but you do need to know your dates of travel as you will be asked for them.

Also make sure you have a white background passport photo of you, a copy of your passport and residence page when applying, all must be in jpg. format - make sure they are not a large size.

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